About Tellit

What is Tellit?

Tellit is an online review community that publish crowd-sourced reviews about Nigerian businesses. We help Consumers find great product sellers and excellent service providers and serve as a source of useful feedback to Companies.

Why Tellit?

We bridge the communication gap between Customers and Businesses by transferring ensuing conversations between the two parties to the public domain. This results in more access to better information, improved goods and services culminating in enhanced market experience that benefits society.



For Consumers

Locate businesses that offer the products or services you need on Tellit

  • Read and compare users’ reviews to guide your buying decision.
  • Choose the best service provider or seller and use the map to get direction to their location.
  • Share your experience by leaving an authentic and unbiased opinion on Tellit.
  • The opinions you share can also be posted through Tellit to your social media accounts to be viewed by friends and family.

The most reliable forms of business reviews are from sources we know and trust.


For Businesses

It is a well-known fact that people are increasingly reliant on the opinions and information provided by other people for their choice of products, services and the providers of those products or services

  • Register your business for free
  • Invite your customers to leave a review.
  • Respond real-time to customers’ reviews.
  • Understand your customers’ expectations about your products and services.
  • Gain important insights about your customers that can increase sales and guidance during product development.