I’m too busy!

8-to-5 everyday; my weekend is filled with house chores, attending events and other equally important activities; my schedule is so tight that I can’t afford to shop from physical stores, the market, read service agreements for personal service purchases or interview service providers before engaging them.

All of these have made me the avid online shopper I am today.

Aside from word of mouth, I often research products based on customer reviews, and with the holiday season approaching, I thought I would speak to you, give you reviews about any products, service or business. My review is helping you make well-informed buying decisions; my busy schedule is not a hindrance to doing the needful, at least to “Review a product/service”

Reviews can make a service provider improve service quality in order to serve you better.


‘Giving’ is not necessarily ‘monetary sharing.’ Sharing your opinion on a product/service is also giving and it’s likened to be one of the highest forms of ‘caring’ for the reason that your unbiased Reviews about a product/service make others shop wiser.

Have you thought of helping a business re-brand their product?
Yes you can through your Reviews or constructive criticism. Your unbiased Reviews make you a shareholder not by profit making but in Quality testing.

Don’t you think talking about what you know, advocating for what you want, and developing what already exist can go a long way in making the world a better community?

Test it;Tell it
See it; Say It
Feel it; Fault it.

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