“These days, a brand is determined far more by the way that it is seen to interact with its customers. The reality is that people care less about what you say about yourself, and more about what other people say about you’’ Chris Wiggles Worth.

In the Cambridge English Dictionary, the word Review means to talk about something again, in order to make changes to it or to make a decision about it.

Quick Question:
How would you feel when you are told: “You Look fantastic! “. How about, “Your dress is beautiful but could look more beautiful if it has a bow.” Or “Your speech is incomprehensible. “

Most times, people prefer the first comment but that comment may not be true. It could be a mere flatter or a joke. However, the second and the third, leave room for improvement or reflection. In life and in business we need to improve. To achieve this, we need regular feedback that can be positive or negative or constructive.

According to Revoo, it is clear that 68% of consumers trust Reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. While 30% suspect that a company has employed censorship or fake reviews when they don’t see any negative feedback.

So, feel free to critique, you are helping both the business and more importantly, other users like you.

There are numerous reasons why reviews are important:

1. The customer is King: The first reason stems from the school of thought that the customer is always right. Customers are the heart of a business. There is no business without the customer and the success of every business is premised on the ability of a business to create a desirable customer experience. Creating a better customer experience requires welcoming feedbacks from customers both positive and negative. In cases when feedbacks on social media and third-party review sites like Tellit® are not properly managed, it presents a bad publicity for the business as it will be perceived as being disinterested in the opinion of its customers. The importance of Customer feedback cannot be over-emphasized, as the Customer is King.

2. Opinion Sampling: It reveals an interest in customers’ need by the business and the desire to satisfy the customers. Providing response to opinions or reviews that are expressed publicly is a signal that the business place value on its customers.


3. Fostering of Healthy Relationship: It is a known fact that effective communication bridges the gap between two parties. Since Review is a mode of interaction between the customer and the business, it strengthens involvement and increases the appeal of the business before prospective customers that read the ensuing conversations.

4. Smart Way of Marketing: If reviews are carefully managed, it may be a smart way of marketing. The testimony of a satisfied client is a strong marketing tool.

5. Conversion: Positive reviews help businesses convert potentials to customers, as the positive testimony of others appeal to their sense of choice.

6. Your Service or Product earns a Five Star Major: Have you ever wanted your business to be easily found on Google? It is simple, the more the reviews, the more your Rank. Is it not amazing that the positive and negative feedback of your prospects and customers would allow your business to be the first result listed on any related search?

In conclusion, Graeme Obree said in His LITE 2016 speech, “We should always deal with discontentment. By ignoring customers feedback, and staying within our comfort Zones, we may be missing an opportunity to continually improve”.
Going by all the points listed above, wouldn’t you rather remain relevant by welcoming the reviews of your customers?

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